Dr.med Jorgos Kavouras

Jorgos Kavouras is a specialist in general medicine and a homeopath with his own practice in Germany. He is divides his time between his patients and his students, because his passion is teaching and his greatest ambition is to reestablish classical homeopathy in medical schools.

He succeeded in bringing homeopathy to the University of Erlangen as a subject of choice into the regular medical studies. He regards this as a first and important step.

Dr. Kavouras has been studying with George Vithoulkas for many years and he is very happy to be helping spread this unique knowledge all over the world.

He took the George Vithoulkas Video Course (VVC) to England for the first time (together with Andrew Ward). His current project is the presentation of a new version of that course, called "The Complete Teaching" in Alonissos - where George Vithoulkas lives. The course is taught together with the Master and now takes place for the second time. (You can still enter the ongoing course by doing the Refresher course first - look under Seminars and Vithoulkas Video)
In Dr. Kavouras' experience, this course serves newcomers as well as experienced homeopathy practitioners. Among our students in Alonissos, Greece, we have homeopaths with 20 years of working experience who enjoy the teaching and are continuing to advance their knowledge. George Vithoulkas' insight into homeopathy enhances your practice no matter what level of experience you have. Since the 1970, George has done tremendous work in refining his theory of the levels of health and his understanding of materia medica. You will be surprised at how much more easily you will be prescribing even after just a five-day-course.

If you are interested in any course, email for information at homeopathy@kavouras.de

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